Symbiosis AGx

A Radically Better Solution
Symbiosis.  It’s a word not many understand.  Not expecting an English lesson.  Or a math lesson for that matter. Think of it this way.  1 + 1 = 6.  Not your typical basic math.  Symbiotic relationships break the mold, as does Symbiosis AGx.   biology : the relationship between two different kinds of living things that live together and depend on each other
Our understanding of the “Green Revolution” has failed us.  The use of chemical fertilizers are beginning to take a toll on the health of the soil.  Increasingly around the globe what was fertile farmland has turned into wasteland.   Soil erosion, weeds and pests are becoming resistant to pesticides creating a growing epidemic problem.  Many farmers are recognizing this shift in the Green Revolution and looking for solutions.  Symbiosis AGx is not a solution in a bottle, but is the right step in a different direction and heres some of the reasons why:
Natural not synthetic and so it is bio available to plants upon impact. 
Liquid for even and speedy distribution.  Upon impact uptake is immediate.  You can see results in minutes that continue to work as the biology reaches the soil in a mere 20 minutes.  

Seedling growth enhancement

• Create the uniform stand you need to get the yields you want

Ultimate Tank Mix Compatibility

• Blends with virtually any chemical in any ratio

Contains Power Beneficial Bacteria

• We’ve harnessed the most highly effective known beneficial Bacteria on the planet

Higher Performance From Plants

• Increases your plant’s ability to reach it’s genetic potential

Yield Advantage

• Healthy plants perform better even in tough conditions

Less Fresh Water Usage

• Healthy soil uses 50-66% less fresh water with same performance

Less Pesticide/Herbicide Use

• Healthy plants resist insect pressure. Healthy soils resist weed pressure.

Reduced Fertilizer Inputs

• Symbiosis AGx unlocks locked up minerals in soil and makes them available to plants

Instantly Absorbs Into Leaves

• Goes to work immediately on improving plant health and vitality

Highly Concentrated

• Uses only 2 quarts per acre per application for full effect