Since we began this journey, nearly 14 years ago, the mission has remained the same. Fix the food we eat. Fixing the soil, fixes the food for animals and humans.

Hippocrates said, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

This mission goes back to the very foundation of life on this planet…redeeming our soil. The mission is vital to everyone’s way of life. Chronic disease is running rampant as nutritional values of our foods continue to decline.

We’ve developed a proprietary organic biostimulant that unlocks chemically sick soils (think of farms that produce less due to Glyphosate overuse). Symbiosis AGx is an organic product pioneering the way in this technology. Distributing an organic biostimulant to the world is what this campaign is about. Redeeming the Planet’s flora and fauna by empowering the people with an organic product to redeem the soil.

The most efficient strategy to achieve the goal of Redeeming the Planet by empowering the people is to create a miniature containerized biostimulant production plant that can easily be transported globally as a “plug in play” unit.

In fact, we’ve named the agricultural farm equipment production unit that creates AGx biostimulant the “Redeemer” because it does just that…it produces an organic biostimulant (Symbiosis AGx) that will Redeem the soil, Redeem our plant health, Redeem our animals, and Redeem our population.

Our expert team has created the preliminary plans of the “Redeemer” unit that will allow growers all over the planet to be free from the mega giant agri business companies promoting and producing Genetically Engineered / Genetically Modified Organisms with petrochemical / synthetically based agriculture products. Replacing GE/GMO products with Symbiosis AGx biostimulant Redeems our growing methods back to a time when food was actual sustenance.

Essentially, the “Redeemer” unit is an agricultural equipment module with state of the art advanced technology automated controls making operations and production of AGx biostimulant simple to manufacture.

The “Redeemer” unit will be made available domestically and internationally as a Franchise giving the owner maximum flexibility in operations, product sales and return of investment.

The launch, production and franchise sales distribution of the “Redeemer” units have philanthropic benefits on a global scale. Afterall, what is more important than healthy, nutritious food and clean water?

Preliminary development of the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) of the “Redeemer” has already been initiated with target completion of final detailed engineering and design within 90 days of receipt of funding from Franchise Purchase. Target date for the “Redeemer” unit completion and factory acceptance testing is 4 months from completion of detailed design and engineering with first shipment of the Redeemer unit in 2017.

The equipment utilized as part of the “Redeemer” Unit carry extended warranties, providing reliability and security for the Franchisee. The highest quality inputs are provided to each Franchise to guarantee quality as well as the “Redeemer” unit automated controls system monitors production quality and quantity to support the Franchisee with data outputs back to Symbiotic Ag Products main headquarters for operations and technical support. Each “Redeemer” unit comes equipped with a Reverse Osmosis unit to offset the effects of poor water quality eliminating the effects of harmful bacteria, chlorine and fluoride. Symbiosis AGx requires pristine water and the Redeemer Unit can be used to provide fresh, clean drinking water to the community it serves. The Symbiosis AGx product is organically certifiable and currently Symbiosis AGx is being used on thousands of certified organic acres all over the world.

Franchise inquiries may be sent from our CONTACT form.

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