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A Radically Better Solution

The results speak for themselves. We would absolutely love for you to experience the difference. Contact us to share your story, or to try out our product for yourself. We have a 60-day Money Back Guarantee on all our paid sample sizes so you have nothing to lose. Take advantage of this offer by continuing to Purchase page.

Address: 415 East Prairie Ronde St
Dowagiac, MI 49047

Phone: 269-462-9187

“This is my second season using Symbiotic Ag Product’s Symbiosis AGx. The increased production I have seen in the fields where I used your biostimulant is unlike any I’ve had before. I am now convinced I need to use Symbiosis AGx on all of my fields.”

Leo Weaver
LEJO Dairy Farm, LaGrange, Indiana

“The ability of Symbosis AGx to increase microbial activity naturally is what made me curious. Its performance on the sports fields is what sold me! Healthier plants, more vigorous root growth, deeper color and greater plant density were all noticeable.”

Rob G
Owner, Sports Turf Company, Northern Indiana

“I’ve been farming for over 25 years and all I can say is, Dan Pavich and his product, Symbiosis AGx is the real deal. Initially, I applied Symbiosis AGx to a test field, but now I plan to add Symbiosis to the tank every time I drive my tractor over all my fields. This year I plan to include pastures for my private beef stock as nutrient values are as important to me as yield increases.”

Owner, NE Indiana Farm

“I really like using Symbiosis AGx! In December I was having problems with aphids on the Kale in my high tunnel. So I sprayed with Symbiosis AGx and by the third application the aphids were ALL dead. Amazing! Aphid’s in my greenhouses have always been a terrible problem. Now I’ve found a great solution to the winter aphid problem!”

David King
Farm Owner, River Valley Farms, Abingdon VA